Jason Collins Partner, Boyfriend, Gay, Height, Net Worth

By Prakriti Shrestha | Published On: 30 Nov, 2018
Jason Collins Partner, Boyfriend, Gay, Height, Net Worth

There are many Hollywood celebrities and designer who have come out as gay. But have you ever heard an active athlete confessing himself gay? Jason Collins is one of them, and he was the first active player who openly came out of the closet.

Jason is a retired basketball player who played 13 seasons in the NBA. He has played with many teams in his career and has been successful to give a remarkable performance. But his confession as a gay was said to have some impact on his basketball journey.

Obama Supports Jason For Coming Out As Gay

At the age of 34, he unhesitantly confessed with a sentence “I'm a 34-year-old NBA center. I'm black. And I'm gay." Even the then President Barack Obama supported and said that he was impressed by his courage. Following his coming out, Jason was also invited to the White House. 

 As he wasn’t playing from any team, fans speculated that no one was ready to accept a gay player in their team. So, Obama talked about his exclusion with him and gave him some career advice; he said remember the trade deadline, that is when the free agents get their job. He also advised him to brace himself for the next season.

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With the support from the then President of the United States and many other fans, he has steady the ship of his career and has maintained his identity.

Jason Breaks His Fiancee's Heart; Who Is He Dating Now?

Before he identified himself as gay, he was engaged to Carlyon Moss. They were together for eight years and were ready to get married. But in July 2009, Jason suddenly called off his wedding, breaking his lover's heart. Carlyon did not know the reason that led him to this decision, but she was seriously heartbroken to lose her love. Eight years is a long time, and it would be very hard for anyone to move on from their relationship.

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With the broken family plans and relationship, she came to know the truth after four years of their separation.


Jason and his partner Bruson attended the Sundance Film Festival (Photo:

Now after the separation and confession, he is now with his partner Brunson Green. He has found love in the producer of "The Help." Jason and his boyfriend are open and happy about their relationship and is seen together in many events.

How Much Is Jason's Net Worth?

The professional basketball player has summoned the net worth of $16 million. His average salary as of 2014-15 was $915,243. He has gathered a decent amount from the skills he has shown in the court.

He started his playing career from the days in his school. Later during his college, he began playing in college team of Stanford. After this, he started his professional career with New Jersey Nets. With his contribution to the team, they were in the NBA finals for the first time. In 2008 he left the team and went for Memphis Grizzlies. He ended his basketball career from Brooklyn Nets.

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Short Bio

The African-American player was born in 1978 and marks his birthday on 2nd of December. Jason’s giant body and the massive height of 2.11 meters (6 feet and 11 inches) perfectly complimented him as a basketball star.

He was born in California and was raised alongside his brother Jarron who is also an NBA player.