Ronald Wayne Wiki, Gay, Facts, Net Worth | How Much is His Worth?

By Prakriti Shrestha | Published On: 03 Dec, 2018
Ronald Wayne Wiki, Gay, Facts, Net Worth | How Much is His Worth?

Apple, one of the world’s best technology brand which has been earning billions of dollars. Would you ever give up the shares of this company? Most probably no one would. But Ronald Wayne learned the lesson in the harshest way possible.

Ronald gave up his 10% stocks of the company just after 12 days of its incorporation. Many people call him the unluckiest man on earth for the decision he made back in 1976.

Who Is Ronald Wayne?

Ronald is the third co-founder of Apple after Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. He met Steve Jobs in Atari. He has a significant contribution to the company as he acted as the middleman to bring two Steve's together. 

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The agreement between the founding partner of Apple Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne (Photo:

His contribution soon ended after 12 days of incorporation when he sold his 10% shares of Apple and backed out of it. He says he was not ready for the risk and the workstation was not the right place for him.

With this, he sold his 10% shares for $800 in 1976. If he still owned his small portion of the company today, he would be a billionaire with around $68 billion in his hand. With the shares in his hands, his popularity, wealth, and lifestyle and everything would be different from what he has today.

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How Much Is Ronald's Net Worth?

The co-founder of Apple, age 84, has summoned the net worth of $300 thousand, as per wiki. It is obvious for people to call him the unluckiest man as the person, who could be a billionaire, just has the worth in thousands.

After leaving Apple, he has garnered the net worth from his slot machine business. He even owned a stamp shop after the big decision. Even today he holds many patents over the contributions he has made for Apple.

After years of retirement, he was involved in the autobiography about his journey from Apple to this day. In the book, he mentioned that he has no regret with the decision he has taken in his life. The book contains all the hardworks that Apple had to face and the reasons for him to back out of the company.

He also clarified the reason through a Facebook post where he mentioned; he didn’t separate from the company because of lack of enthusiasm of the concept. The real was the financial risk, and he could not see himself in the working environment there. He knew that the idea would be successful but couldn't predict when and didn't know what he would have to sacrifice to get there. He once said,

"If money was the only thing that I wanted, there are many ways I could've done that. But it was much more important to do what appealed to me.”

Ronald's home (Photo:

He owns a house very far away from the headquarter of Apple. Far away from the city lights and lavish dwellings, it is located in Pahrump. The house was beautiful with mahogany and a silver slot machine by the door.

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Know More Facts About The Third Co-Founder of Apple

There are many things unknown about Ronald. Here are some of the intriguing facts from Apple logo to his sexuality.

  • Ronald was the one who first designed the logo for Apple. He was into painting years ago, so he worked for the design of the company’s logo. He brought the concept of apple striking Sir Isaac Newton.
  • He was the mediator between Steve and Steve. When the two were having minor disputes related to circuits, Steve Jobs took his help to clarify the discussion. He was the one to convince Steve Wozniak of the concept, and this was the phase that helped form the Apple Company.
  • He has never used any Apple product. Having a contribution to the firm, he never used any of its product in his entire life. He said he prefers customized technologies over Apple products. Once someone gifted him an iPad but he returned it without using it.
  • Ronald has a homosexual orientation. Steve Jobs says that Ronald was the first gay friend he ever had. This helped him change his perspective on homogeneity.