Adalia Rose Wiki, Age, Death, Parents, Net Worth

By Sujata Limbu | Updated On: 09 Aug, 2019
Adalia Rose Wiki, Age, Death, Parents, Net Worth

Unlike other social media sensation, Adalia Rose is a unique personality on the internet. Her distinctive appearance with motivation are the reason for her fame. Despite being diagnosed with a rare disease called progeria, she inspires others and makes YouTube videos.

Adalia shares her journey of progeria,  the possible treatments and also, teaches her viewers how life should be enjoyed despite the obstacles. The 12-years-old internet star also has her personal website, The Rosebudd Shop.

Wiki/ Bio

Natalia Amozurrutia gave birth to Adalia Rose on 10 December 2016. At present Adalia has been raising by her mother Natalia along with her stepfather Ryan. She is an American native residing in Texas. 

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Adalia is a social media star who has been shaking the internet since 2014 with her bravery fighting with the rare aging disease every day. Although she looks different than any of the children of her age, she treats her as a typical girl and meantime also don’t forget to inspire others who are fighting with diseases like her.

She has a YouTube channel on her name and frequently vlogs of her enjoying life, adventuring, singing and dancing, makeup tutorials and also shares the treatments with a smile on her face, regardless of having a fearful disease.


Adalia is living with a very rare disease that only 100 out of the worldwide children suffer from it. The disease called Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome is almost a non-curable disease that is inherited from birth and would only let the victim live for a limited time. 

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Adalia who got diagnosed with the disease at three months old, was suspected that she couldn’t make it after her 13th birthday. Instead of being in trauma, Adalia has built herself stronger and proactive, which why she has even prevented herself from death.

Even though she has been suffering from a critical physical condition and dwarfism, nobody has enjoyed and adventured a life like her at a very young age. For further evidence that she has, her Instagram profile, “Adalia06” speaks everything. 


While Adalia is an inspiration to many, for Adelia, her parents are her inspiration!

Her parents have been treating her normally like they treat their other children. Moreover, they don’t even mention the name of disease like they aren’t exerted with one.

On the other hand, her mom and step-father make sure she is getting everything she wants and enjoys her short period of life. Besides, Adalia’s viewers also appreciate her and also showers her love by heartful comments on her social media sites where she has a massive number of followers. 

Family: Adelia rose(right corner) with her parents and siblings. (Source:

Isn’t it everything that people live for? All the care, support, love, fame, and fun at the same time. So, it can be considered that Adalia has already lived the whole life in her 11 years. Moreover, Adelia herself also has realized this. She said she’s a diva because she gets everything one wants in their life.


Here are a few facts to know about Adalia Rose;

  1. The symptoms of progeria were already shown while Adalia was just born. She looked like a month old when she was born and had a very tight tummy which looked distinctive than normal babies.

  2. She started losing her hair and her veins started to pop out due to her thinning skin at 3 months.

  3. Adalia stands at the height of 2’ 11” and weighs 12 kg.

Net worth

It is furthermore inspiring to know that an 11-year-old kid is earning chunks of change and has a net worth regardless of her disorder.

With the total views of 229,737,562 on her YouTube channel, she reportedly earns an annual income from $18k to $288.2k  and monthly up to $1.5k to $24k. Besides, she also has her website named “The Rosebud Shop” through which she also could make significant earnings.