Andrea Swift Married, Husband, Taylor Swift

By Oshil Pokhrel | Published On: 22 Apr, 2019
Andrea Swift Married, Husband, Taylor Swift

You probably might be familiar with pop sensation Taylor Swift, who is notorious in the whole world for her sweet voice. Her mother, Andrea Swift is the one behind the success of her singing career. The mother of the American singer-songwriter is a former mutual fund marketing executive, who is rejoicing her lifestyle with her daughter, husband, and a son named Austin Swift.

Andrea has even debuted in the music video for Taylor's song "Beautiful Eyes." The University of Houston's alum was diagnosed with cancer in April of 2015.

All About Andrea Swift's Bio; Diagnosed With Cancer!

Andrea Swift who was born in 1958 celebrates her birthday on the 10th of January. The mother of the pop sensation Taylor Swift's hometown in Pennsylvania. Andrea is a graduate of Memorial High School and attended the University of Houston. Her maiden name is Finlay, and her birth sign is Capricorn. She stands shorter than her daughter Taylor whose height is 1.73 meters.

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In 2015, Andrea diagnosed with cancer. Taylor wrote a heartfelt message on Tumblr stating that she insisted her mother to visit the doctor for a checkup during Christmas. The famous singer affirmed that her mother had a decisive battle to fight and preferred to keep the details of her mother's cancer treatment private.

Recently, in March 2019, Taylor revealed in the Elle magazine that Andrea's cancer has returned. In the essay where the pop singer wrote about "30 things she learned before turning 30 years old," she wrote that both of her parents have had cancer and once again, her mother is fighting with it.

Andrea's Married Life And Her Husband

Andrea, age 61, has been married to Scott Swift since 20 February 1988. The pair shared the wedding vows in Harris County, Texas. 

Her husband Scott is a stockbroker who established a financial advisory group, Swift Group. The University of Delaware graduate relocated his company to Nashville when their daughter Taylor Swift pursued her music career.

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Together, Andrea and her husband Scott have two children. In addition to Taylor, who was born on 13 December 1989, the couple has a son named Austin Swift. The family of four were spotted strolling around the New York City ahead of Christmas in December 2014 while enjoying their family moment.

Andrea Swift with her husband Scott Swift and their two children (Photo:

Andrea and Scott are one of the proud parents and rejoices their children's achievements. Back in August 2011, they received a whopping $2.5million Nashville mansion from their daughter Taylor. The 5,600 square feet property spread in an area of a 2,000 square feet pool house surrounded by the six acres of landscaped hillside.

As of April 2019, Andrea and her husband Scott are rejoicing their happily married life residing in their luxurious Nashville apartment.

How Much Is Andrea Swift's Net Worth?

Andrea's net worth from her career as a mutual fund marketing executive comparatively fades against her daughter Taylor Swift's professional career as a musical artist. Taylor is a pop sensation who has a tremendous net worth of $400 million. Her estimated salary is $150 million per year.

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According to the former manager of Taylor, Rick Barker, both Andrea and Scott had a marketing mind, and when she was trying to shine out in the music world, they run her MySpace and website.