Bill Nye Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Height and Net Worth

By Staff Writer | Published On: 25 Jul, 2016
Bill Nye Wiki, Wife, Divorce, Height and Net Worth

Bill Nye was born as William Sanford Nye in the year of 1955 which makes him the celebrity aged sixty and with a great height. He has been successful in establishing himself as a science educator, comedian, actor, writer, scientist, television presenter, etc. He was born in Washington D.C and has a white ethnicity. He was born to Jacqueline and Edwin Darby. Not much about how his parents raised him has been found and nothing about his childhood can be known. He attended various schools like Lafayette Elementary School and Alice Deal Junior High and also later joined Sidwell Friends School. He is a mechanical engineer who has used his academic knowledge to gain fame and popularity. He, in fact, is known as a Science Guy.

Bill’s career is based on his dynamic talents that he possesses. He is mostly known as being the excellent host of the children’s show called Bill Nye the Science Guy which is shown in the Disney channel. With that, he has been able to gain huge love and support from his fans who are mostly children and their parents. He has worked as a trainee in films, hydraulic pressure developer, consultant, etc. Amazingly, his career also marks his attempt to get into NASA and the rejection that he had to face.

Bill has a net worth of $6.5 million dollars. That huge amount of wealth has been accumulated on the basis of the hard work and dedication that he has shown in his work. He correctly identified his talents and chose to become an entertainer who was more of such who also shared education and changed the way children learnt about Science. Everyone including parents and their children must be proud that he is there. We can see his persistence and ambition and know about it from the various talk shows like Larry King Live. He is also known for his scientific works and for his appearance in the seventeenth season of Dancing with the Stars.

Bill has seen a very short-lived relationship of his. He is not gay! He was married to his fiancé that he dated for almost five months. They got divorced when complications started to arise in their relationship. Blair Tindall could remain as his wife just for few months. After that, there has been no information of Bill dating any other women, we don’t know if he is single currently nor has a girlfriend. Bill who is an avid swing dancer and who calls himself as agnostic should certainly find someone who could respect his age and respect what he has been through.

Bill can be followed in Twitter where he has shared more than a thousand tweets and has been followed by more than 2.81 million followers. He is really popular and very well known! This very popular celebrity has been awarded with several honors! His selected works include Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation and Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World. More about him can be read in Wikipedia.