Hodgetwins Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth

By Aditya Rana | On: 14 Mar, 2019
Hodgetwins Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Hodgetwins is the term acknowledged as the twin brothers of Keith Hodge and Kevin Hodge who are famous YouTubers and vloggers. They are also the stand-up comedian and also operate fitness equipment and an entertainment brand.

Although the Hodgetwins encountered a significant loss as the hackers stole1,500 EOS ($8,500) from their cryptocurrency wallet in October 2018, they never tumbled down on their career. Instead, they carved their dazzling path through which they tasted the flavor of success and immense fortunes. 

Wives Of The Hodgetwins

The fitness specialist and the YouTubers, Hodgetwins aka Keith Hodge and Kevin Hodge are married men. Both of the brothers enjoy the romantic life with their Mexican wives. 

Keith tied his nuptial knot with his BFF, Elizabeth on 31 May 2000 and is now relishing the married life for nineteen years. In the period of nearly a decade long married life, Keith and Elizabeth have welcomed two children. 

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Kevin Hodge also leads a married life. However, the information about his wedding, wife, and children are behind the bushes. There are limited trails of his family's identification, but as reported he shares the romantic life with his spouse for over eighteen years. 

Keith and Kevin Hodge with their respective wives (Photo: The Hodgetwins's Facebook)

Keith and Kevin usually update about the relationship with life-partner on social media. Back in September 2017, Kevin wrote that his wife got American citizenship whereas Keith posted the same story relating his wife on 22 December of the same year. Similarly, Keith never misses portraying his love and harness to his family members along with his son and a daughter. 

The Hodgetwins believe that mutual communication is the primary reason for their long-term married life which has prevailed since 2000. As of now, they live together with their wives and children leading a happy family life. 

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Know About Hodgetwins Net Worth And Career 

The Hodgetwins aka Kevin and Keith Hodge accumulate their net worth as being a YouTuber and a vlogger. Jointly, they organized a YouTube channel entitled TwinMuscle on the 21st of September 2010 which now has over 2,093,790 subscribers. The Hodgetwins updates the videos and tutorials regarding fitness and bodybuilding. 

As per, TwinMuscle summons the monthly income between $1K - $16.6K that makes $12.5K - $199.5K in a year. They also have TheHodgetwins, a YouTube Channel where they update humorous videos. They also have an online clothing line with several outfits and wear products. 

Before rising to fame, Keith served in an Army as US Marines and also experienced in Finance. Kevin enrolled himself as a comedian and also appeared in the 2014 comedy The Last of the Great Romantics. As per PayScale, the median salary of the comedian is $30,000 per year which shows that he might have smashed thousands and thousands of wealth and fortunes.  

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Cardi B Responds To Hodgetwins

The Hodgetwins uploaded a video to their channel on 19 August called: ' Cardi B interviews Joe Biden.'

In the video, the twins slammed Cardi B for interviewing the presidential candidate, Joe Biden. They said that politics isn't her thing. She should shut up and rap. Rap and Strip. That's her thing. That's what she is good at.

Moreover, they claimed that she should stick to stripping and taking her clothes off for men. She should stick to sexualizing women.

They even said that Joe should have intellectuals interviewing him. 


Hodgetwins disappointed on Cardi B interviewing Joe Biden (Photo: Hodgetwins Instagram)

Responding via Twitter to the Hodgetwins' video that she later deleted, Cardi B stated that politics was actually her thing because she pays more taxes than both of them combined. Maybe if there was a President that made college education free, she wouldn't have had to strip when she did, since the Hodgetwins wanted to bring up her past.

When the Hodgetwins came to know about the tweet, they posted a second video titled: 'Cardi B responds to the Hodgetwins.' 

Initially, the twins briefly apologized for being too harsh at her but later they fought back again and called her out. They told that just because she pays more tax doesn't mean she knows about politics.  

Short Bio And Wiki

The Hodgetwins whose real name is Kevin Hodge and Keith Hodge was born in 1975 in Virginia, the United States, and they celebrate their birthday on 17 September. They belong to Afro-American ethnicity and holds an American nationality. Keith stands at the height of 1.92 meters whereas Kevin has the adorable height of 1.94 meters. 

After completing their high school, the Hodgetwins attended American Intercontinental University and earned degrees in Account and Finance. 

The Hodgetwins were born to their parents who raised them along with their two siblings; Rosalyn Hodge and a brother. Their mother demised in September 2013.