Idina Menzel Wiki, Husband, Divorce, Boyfriend and Dating

By Staff Writer | Published On: 29 Jul, 2016
Idina Menzel Wiki, Husband, Divorce, Boyfriend and Dating

Idina Menzel is a forty four year old American actress and singer who has made a name and fame in the entertainment industry on the basis of her talents and skills that she possess. She was born on the thirtieth of May in the year 1971, in New York. She was born to Stuart and Helene who raised her up and helped her to accept her with all her strengths and weaknesses. She has a Jewish ethnicity which is also shared by her younger sister. These two sisters grew up together learning about life in different phases of their experiences. Menzel attended Syosset High School and Tisch School of Arts. During those days, she worked as a wedding and bar singer because her parents had been divorced and that she had to start becoming independent on her own.

Idina’s career has been shaped by her involvement in theatre, film, television and music. Frozen is one film that have given her huge appreciation and have made her famous among children and parents; she has voiced Queen Elsa in that Disney film. Her contribution in the television can be seen in the role of Shelby Corcoran for the TV series Glee and also for the role of Nancy in the film Enchanted. Her success in the music sector can be traced to be the success of her album titled Holiday Wishes which could reach to number six on the Billboard 200 album charts; it indeed is a huge success.

Idina has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Her active involvement, passionate dedication and persistence in the roles she has delivered and the music she has served to the listeners have caused the net worth of this celebrity to be accumulated to that huge amount. She has earned a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical in 2004; this has also helped her to raise her credibility. She has also reached to the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100; in fact she is the only one of the kind who has also won the Tony Award.

Idina is a sexy celebrity who has maintained her figure throughout her career and has posed for various bikini shots too. Her sexy image and personality have made many to fall in love with her. She has no long records of dating history; however, we know that she had a boyfriend named Taye Diggs who later became her husband when they finally decided to get married. But the marriage had to end in 2014 after about eleven years. The relation gave Idina a son who has added a different dimension in her role in real life.

Idina has a height of five feet and four inches. She is gorgeous and shares many of her beautiful pictures in Instagram. She is followed by about five hundred thousand followers in Instagram and has posted more than a hundred posts. Not only that, her Twitter account has helped her to share about her to many people at a time. She has been followed by about seven hundred thousand followers in Twitter. More about her can be found in Wikipedia.