Lachlan Murdoch Wife, Dating, Family, Net Worth

By Sujata Limbu | Updated On: 22 Oct, 2019
Lachlan Murdoch Wife, Dating, Family, Net Worth

Although acting is the biggest platform to earn both name and fame, it isn’t easy to survive. One needs an authentic talent, skills, and robust mental health to survive into the competitive world of cameras. Among those existed stars, Lachlan Murdoch is one of the renown actors, who have survived this tenacious journey and has carved an everlasting name in history.

He is an actor from Stargate SG-1, Murdoch Mysteries, and The Santa Clause. Learn more to know more about Lachlan’s bio, family, and net worth: 

Lachlan’s Wiki And Family

Murchod Mysteries’ actor Lachlan was born on 16 February 1986 in Vancouver,  British Columbia, Canada. As of now, his age is 33, but he still looks young like he is in his twenties.

His father, Laurie Murdoch, is also a well-reputed actor known for his work on Spotlight, The Mist, Rookie Blue, and so on. Unlike his father’s, his mother’s detail is untold. Besides that, he has a four year older sister Jessica Murchod, who is also an actress. She has appeared in the 2001 TV series, Josie and the Pussycats, Millenium, and The Round Table.

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Both the siblings, Lachlan and Jessica, have worked in The X-Files and The X-Files: The Jersey Devil.

Lachlan Murdoch, alongside his big and only sister Jessica Murdoch and his cousin on 6 December 2016. (Source: Lachlan's Twitter)

Surfacing his appearance, Lachlan is a perfect looking man with a charismatic personality. His physical appearance that stands a considerable height and body weight adds a plus point to his talented mind. 

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Onscreen Wife- Dating

Lachlan’s character as Henry Higgins in TV series Marchods Mysterious became a significant hit. He has portrayed the role of police at Toronto’s station. In the series, he is a married man and has a wife, Ruth Newsome, played by actress Siobhan Murphy. 

He fell for Ruth at first glance at the dinner and interviews her. But, before he could know her well, she introduces her fiancé, Herbert Wilson, to him, which upsets Romeo Henry. Luckily, Henry finds out that Herbert was only willing to marry her because of her significant wealth, and he is a murderer, that created a barrier between the pair.

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Later, Henry saves and protects her from every uncertainty; as a result, their love-life flourished with an intimate kiss. However, their love life wasn’t as smooth as expected. Overcoming from various obstacles, they finally get a victory over their dating relationship. They got married in the third episode of twelve seasons of Marchods Mysterious’ My Big Fat Mimico Wedding.

Unlike his on-screen romance, Lachlan’s real-life relationship is puzzling. He has not given any sorts of hints that would resemble his possible love life. As of now, he is not married.

Net Worth Related

Born to the family with an acting background, Lachlan’s must have had a luxurious lifestyle while growing up. But this doesn’t mean he is not enjoying the good fortunes from his father and sister anymore.

After his entrance in Hollywood through series Madison in 1996, Lachlan has debuted in numerous films and TV series. Amongst all his acting credits, he is best known for portraying the role of Constable Henry Higgins in Murdoch Mysteries. He has been giving his best in the series since 2008.

Since Lachlan is an established actor now, he must have garnered more prosperity in his life than before. Although the exact of Lachlan's net worth has not surfaced to date, it can be assumed that he might relish the salary in the range of thousands.

Note: An average salary of actors in Canada, that is $27,300 annually. The pay may range from least $21,648 to the highest $46,410, Lachlan must be earning the highest rate from his acclaimed fame in the industry.