Manuela Escobar Wiki: Age, Personal Life, Family, Now- Pablo Escobar's Daughter

By Staff Writer | On: 07 Feb, 2018
Manuela Escobar Wiki: Age, Personal Life, Family, Now- Pablo Escobar's Daughter

Quick Information

Date of Birth May 01, 1984
Age 36 Years 5 Month(s)
Citizenship Colombian
Marital Status Single
Divorced Not Yet
Gay/Lesbian No
Ethnicity Colombian
Children/Kids Not Yet
Parents Pablo Escobar (Father), Maria Victoria Henao (Mother)
Siblings Sebastián Marroquín (Brother)

You come across many children who are pampered and treated like prince and princesses by their parents. One such lucky child is Manuela Escobar who during her whole childhood was treated like a precious princess by her father, Pablo Escobar. Her life was no less than that of a fairytale until her father was killed in 1993.

Who Is Manuela Escobar?

When you hear the word, “Escobar” does it ring any bell? Yes. It sure does! You heard it in the name, Pablo Escobar. Manuela Escobar is the daughter of the same infamous cocaine king, Pablo Escobar. She was the apple of her father’s eye who lived a much-lavished life through his billion dollars that were earned illegally. 

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Much Pampered Manuela!

Manuela was blessed with a genie father who would grant her wish within seconds. News has it that, when the drug lord and his family were in a run hiding from cops, Manuela became hypothermic and Pablo set his $2 million on fire to keep his daughter warm. 

Similarly, he made one of his mistresses abort his child just because Pablo promised Manuela that she would be the last one from his line. As naïve as Manuela was in her childhood, she made one unreasonable wish where she dearly wanted a unicorn as a gift.

But every impossible desire Manuela had, Pablo, made it possible and so he attached cow horn and wings to a horse to make it look like a unicorn. However, in this process, the horse died due to infection.

The Family Of Manuela Escobar

Manuela Escobar was born to the drug lord, Pablo Escobar, and mother, Maria Victoria Henao. She is blessed with an elder brother named Juan Pablo Escobar who is now an architect and an author. The Escobar family had to go through a lot of hardships because of Pablo’s nefarious deed and his reputation. 

Manuela Escobar's parents; Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria Henao (Photo:

The family flew from country to country changing names and hideouts and hiding from the Police. The life of the family got even worse when Pablo died in 1993. Maria changed her identity as Maria Isabel Caballero while her son Juan turned to Sebastian Marroquin and Manuela to Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos.

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After Pablo’s death, all the assets were seized by the police leaving the family with nothing but a choice to flew over and change their identity and live as a refugee. The family started residing with Pablo’s mother and remained away from the limelight. Maria and Juan were as well arrested in 2000 for money laundering. In 2015, Juan released a book named “Pablo Escobar: My Father” when the insights about Pablo and his life were written.

In August 2015, an American television series named “Narcos” got released which unfolded on the real-life story of the drug lord Pablo Escobar and his family. In 2017, the third season of the series was premiered. Her oldest brother Juan Pablo Escobar confirmed that his father was much crueler than the one shown in the series. He has changed his name to Sebastián Marroquín and is a writer and public speaker. 

After the death of Pablo, Maria Victoria disclosed the secret between her husband and herself. As per her, Pablo raped her and compelled her to get an abortion when she was at the age of fourteen. She published her autobiographical book entitled Mi Vida y Mi Carcel con Pablo Escobar (My Life and My Jail with Pablo Escobar) on 15th of November 2018 where she talked about how her late husband assaulted her in a very young age. She hid the secrets for over forty -four years but she managed to share with two of her children, Sebastian and Manuela. 

Stressed Life After The Death Of Pablo

After Pablo Escobar was shot dead by the Colombian National Police on December 2, 1993, Manuela fled to Columbia along with her siblings and mother. She was only nine years old when she lost her father. There were several traces of drug dealers who wanted the Escobar family dead. Similarly, to repair Pablo's crimes against Manuela's family, Cari Cartel too demanded millions of worth. Running out of Pablo's crime shadows, Manuela and her family moved to several countries including Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa, Peru, and Argentina. Finally, they set in Argentina under the unrevealed identity. 

As a result of the terrible incident of her father, she did not have the chance to relish the outer world. She was homeschooled and changed her name as Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos. The loss in her family became the primary reason for her low-key updates and also the seed of depression. Her brother even admitted that Manuela tried to commit suicide. She lived with her brother and his wife. 

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Her Short Bio

Manuela Escobar was born on May 1, 1984, in Colombia which makes her 34 years of age. She lived the life of a princess until her father was shot dead by the police in 1993. After the incident, Manuela keeps a low profile and has stayed away from the media and kept her personal life a mystery. 

As per the wiki source, Manuela is not active in any of her accounts. The last time she was active on Twitter was in 2013. As of now, Manuela stays away from her family and has severed all the bonds and is living a low-key life. She has even changed her name to Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos.