Mountain Men Star Morgan Beasley Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth

By Dinesh Shrestha | Published On: 04 Aug, 2017
Mountain Men Star Morgan Beasley Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Quick Information

Nationality American
Profession TV Actor
Marital Status Single
Gay/Lesbian No
Net Worth Million (Estimated)
Salary $200,000 (Annual)
Ethnicity White
Children/Kids Not Yet
Height N/A
Siblings Jill Beasley (Sister)

If a person has to choose between a hectic urban setting and eternal natural paradise, he won’t take to decide that he will stay on nature’s lap. It is understandable considering the burden of city life, but after few days into it, one begins to miss all the flair and drama. Well, one man stands exact opposite to this philosophy, and he is none other than Mountain Men Morgan Beasley who is living for ten years in the extreme condition of Alaska and enjoying life to its purest of forms. He is a new one as compared to the others like Eustace Conway and Tom Oar.

Living the Life of a Nomad:

Folks! Get ready for the wiki of a person filled with wilderness. It’s hard to imagine how a person with a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Idaho is living in stone-age-like circumstances. Well, Morgan Beasley chose Mountains instead of offices. After years of working in so-called civilized life, he began a lifelong journey in Alaska.

The highly dedicated man made impossible tasks look like a minnow when he trekked challenging Alaska track not once but twice. Morgan lives a secluded and technology free lifestyle and hunts and grows his own crops for his survival. In this due course, he became the first person to grow garlic in Alaska. He is surely setting the trend here.

His image as a survivor came into public radar after he appeared in the 4th season of Mountain Men in History Channel that showcased his journey to his property through a dangerous trek on foot. Mountain Men is a popular show which had the presence of greats like Charlie Tucker, Eustace Conway, George Michaud, Marty Michaud, Rich Lewis, Tom Oar, Jason, and Kyle Bell.

How much is Morgan’s Net Worth?

Mountain Men star, Morgan became an instant hit on the show, where some of the viewers even showed frustration when he didn’t appear in the season finale. The fans are all excited after seeing their heartthrob in the teaser of the show for the new season.

His popularity as a Mountain Men is on the rise, and the producers are making sure they are keeping their star man at their helm. He receives an annual salary of $200,000 which boosts his net worth to a million in dollars.

Has the Mountain Man Married Yet?

A person like Morgan is a rare example for anyone as he survived more than ten years of his life with literally nothing in his pocket. He currently camps in one of the harshest conditions on the coast of Alaska and lives in hand made a portable home.

To live the life as he does is, without a doubt, a nightmare for any person. So, it’s almost impossible to find a girl who even thinks twice about living like Morgan. Maybe, this is why Morgan hasn’t found his perfect match yet. And who wants to share his life threatening journey with family.

Morgan is entirely out of contact with the world; he shares nothing except his journey in the show. As of now, he is currently single and doesn’t have a wife yet. But after, ten long years of Alaska’s journey few sections of fans would like to see their man getting settled in his personal life while some want him to continue his journey to the wilderness.

Morgan’s Short Bio and His Family:

Morgan was born as American and lives a wildered life in Alaska. The middle aged man lives 250 miles away from nearest neighbors and thousands of miles away from his family. But Morgan has the lifelong support of her sister Jill Beasley who is Medical Sales Recruiter. Morgan takes a much-needed encouragement for his sister who believes in him and calls him true mountain man.