Nicole Nafziger Wiki, Baby Daddy, Net Worth

By Prabesh Niroula | Published On: 17 Oct, 2019
Nicole Nafziger Wiki, Baby Daddy, Net Worth

Does the name Nicole Nafziger ring some bells? If not, then 'That Girl Nicole' will undoubtedly hit the hammer on the nail. Yes, popular with the latter title, Nicole made her way into the hearts of thousands with her appearance on the 4th season of 90 Day Fiance.

She appeared on the show twice, once in 2014, and later in 2016. Not only that but Nicole continually keeps hitting the news for her relationship journey with her current partner.

Wiki, Age

Nicole Nafziger celebrates her birthday on the 8th of November every year. Born in 1993, the 25-year-old reality star is a U.S native. She grew up in Florida with her father, Tyler, her mother Bobbalee, and her older sister Ashley.

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Her parents divorced at some point, with reasons not disclosed to the public. Following the separation, Nicole’s father got married again with Christie. He and Christie have two children together, a daughter named Taylor and a son whose name is not known.

Nicole's half-sister Taylor is already married. Nicole attended the wedding and has shared some cute moments with her sister on social media in 2019.

Dating, Who Is Baby Daddy?

Nicole has a daughter named May from her previous relationship. She doesn’t readily talk about her ex-partner, but in an Instagram Q&A, she opened about some of the details. She stated that she and her former partner stay only in touch for their daughter.

They live in different states, and Nicole has full custody of her daughter. She added that May’s biological father has never met her before, although he often video chats with her. She and her partner had split when Nicole was 34 weeks pregnant.

Moving on with her life, Nicole found her new love. He is Azan Tefou and the duo has been together since 2015. What's more interesting is that they have been engaged. Her fiance Azan also shares a close relationship with May.

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Nicole Nafziger with her fiancee Azan Tefou (Photo:

But there are some rumors about Azan that may hinder his relationship with Nicole. There are no exact proofs, but Azan is alleged to have multiple partners across the globe. His most shocking allegation is that he has a pregnant girlfriend in Morocco and is using Nicole as a means to get into the U.S. In March of 2018, one of Azan’s supposed girlfriend opened up about the truth on Youtube.

In a thirty-minute long interview, the Spain-native alleged Azan of being a liar, a cheater, and a con artist. She even provided pictures, voice mails, and texts to prove that their relationship was legit.

Nicole has yet to comment about this, but as of 2019, they do not have any plans for their marriage despite the four years of togetherness. Also, they will not be appearing on the next season of 90 Day Fiance.

Weight Loss, Now

Nicole has always told her fans that her weight is not a concern when it comes to her relationship with Azan. She stated that Azan had not forced her for weight loss. Instead, he wants the girl to stay healthy. He emphasizes on wanting a long life with Nicole and doesn’t want a skinny girl for a fiancee.

As for Nicole, she is on her weight loss journey. In April of 2019, she shared her progress with the audience. She adapted the Keto Diet and lost 14 lbs starting from October of 2018. Her weight loss product promotion was, however, unpleasing to many of her Instagram followers. They labeled the products nonsense and scam.

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So, what about their relationship now? Well, their recent news hinted the fans that the two are still happy together. Despite all the ups and downs, Nicole still believes that their relationship can work. She looks forward to a brighter future. On 31st August of 2019, she hinted at the fans about her secured relationship via a video chat snip.

Net Worth

Nicole Nafziger has worked at Starbucks as a barista. She also promotes various products on her Instagram, which adds to her revenue. Besides from her appearance on the TLC series, she makes $50 for personalized videos on Cameo.

As for her net worth, The Richest estimates it to be around $250,000 as reality celebrity and businesswoman. Nicole has also assured her fans that the mother and daughter are doing fine with the amount she is receiving as a reality star.

Besides that, there are rumors about Nicole sending $6,000 to her fiancee in Morocco for opening a beauty store. Nicole denied the story and added that opening a shop was just a discussion with her mom. She said that she helps her partner only sometimes.