Roxana Saberi Wiki: Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Family, Ethnicity, Salary

By Anmol Basnyat | Published On: 27 Feb, 2018
Roxana Saberi Wiki: Married, Husband, Boyfriend, Family, Ethnicity, Salary

It’s heartening and unfair at the same time when a person falls in between the friction of political agendas of two heavyweight countries. If you want to know what one has to go through when you are put behind bars without knowing the reason behind, then the right person to answer might be Roxana Saberi. The news correspondent was accused of spying and was sentenced to eight years in prison, but was released just after four months after she went on a hunger strike.

The News Correspondent And Her Salary:

Roxana Saberi is a news journalist who currently serves as a correspondent for CBS News. She joined the network in January 2018. Prior her working days for CBS News, she had worked as the Freelancing Correspondent for CBS News path for almost one and a half year.

She has worked for many elite broadcasting channels like Al Jazeera and BBC News to name a few. Saberi started her career as a reporter for KVLY-TV in September 2000 in her hometown Fargo.

The news correspondent is very quiet in revealing the information that is proportionately related to her salary. Her earning must be enough for the living as she has a handful of experience in news reporting.

Imprisoned And Battle For Freedom:

Saberi had to go through a very rough phase in her career when she was arrested for the infiltrated surveillance charges in January 2009, and the charges were extended in April. The lady got accused of buying alcohol and working as a Journalist without an identity card and spying on the Iranians.

Although she was sentenced eight-year imprisonment, the reporter was free after four months being in prison 11 May 2009. She went through a lot during those four months and went on hunger strike to plead guilty. With international pressure and her degrading health played a vital role in her freedom.

After her release, the then-president of America, Barak Obama and then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was pleased after her release and was vocal during their time in prison as they dubbed the action ‘baseless.’

Self-Proclaimed Fiancé Or Real Partner!

During early 2009 when she was arrested for buying a bottle of wine and later accused of spying in April, she had the support of man called Bahman Ghobadi, who is a critically acclaimed film director.

He was dubbed as her fiancé by BBC and Huffington and even showed his unraveling support for Roxanne. But to the surprising turn of events, her father refused to recognize him as her fiancé which makes things so complicated and confusing.

One close source of Roxanne family even claimed to Content Time that he is taking advantage of her worthiness to publicize his films. But both Roxanne and Bahman has refused to comment on the issue till now. And as of now, she is not married, and her question of getting engaged is still a mystery.

While everyone is speculating on her affairs, the lady must be searching for a right person to refer the man as her husband one beautiful day, who knows?

Family: The Circle of Strength

She was born to father Reza Saberi who is Iranian and to mother Akiko Saberi who is the native of Japan. During her difficult time, her parents were supportive of her which propelled her to survive the phase.

It was indeed a traumatizing phase in the life of Roxana and her family. In the fair and open trial of her case, the appealing took almost five hours on her final hearings. The endless appeal from her father, Reza Saberi and their family lawyer tried the best to bury the case.

Roxana's father Reza Saberi with their family lawyer back in 2009 (Photo Credit:

Short Bio:

Roxana Saberi celebrates her birthday on April 26. As per wiki, the 40-year-old news correspondent was born in the city of Belleville, New Jersey in 1977. Saberi is the daughter of Reza Saberi from Iran and her mother, Akiko Saberi from the native land of Japan, so her ethnicity is mixed. She has earned a BA, Communication and MSJ Journalism from attending Concordia College and the Northwestern University. The news correspondent stands a tall height that has always enhanced her personality.