Sheaun McKinney Married, Dating, Parents, Net Worth

By Sujata Limbu | Updated On: 17 Oct, 2019
Sheaun McKinney Married, Dating, Parents, Net Worth

Sheaun Jamar McKinney from Miami, FL. is an actor and a producer, who has been slaying the platform of Hollywood since his arrival. He is prominent for his roles in TV series Vice Principals and The Neighborhood. He is also widely recognized for his work on web series like Great News, Boss Level, Make It Happen and so on.

His scripted and produced web series Make It Happen even accommodated him to win the Audience Awards at the Short Cuts Film Festival. 

Not only in the series, but Sheaun also holds a distinguished record of working in theatres and as a rap artist. He has co-founded a theatre company Ground Up & Rising along with other actors like Bechir Sylvain and Arturo Rossi.

Sheaun’s Dating Life- Married Now? 

Although Sheaun mentioned a girlfriend in his interview in September 2016, he never revealed his sweetheart's identity. By the time, no one knew if he was dating somebody or had a wife.

But since his girlfriend, Chasten Harmon, LA actress came forward with the couple's goal picture on Valentine’s Day of 2019, the audiences and fans finally acknowledged his relationship. And, as of now, Sheaun and his ladylove don't hesitate to showcase their intimacy in social media. In fact, his girlfriend Chasten has been flaunting pictures of them captured on different occasions. She didn't failed to bestow her love for Sheaun on the occasion of his birthday on 24 July 2019.

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Sheaun with his girlfriend Chasten Harmon on 13 March 2019. (Photo: Chasten's Instagram)

Visualizing Sheaun and his girlfriend’s social posts, the couple seems to have not married by now and still are enjoying their blissful dating life. 

Sheaun’s Wiki, Parents

The comedian-actor Sheaun was born in 1981 lying the birthday on 24 July in Miami, FL. His family includes his parents, two brothers and a sister. His mother was a cop while his father’s profession is unknown. His brothers’ are Rakeem McKinney and Bechir Sylvain. He has a sister, named Rachel McKinney.

Raised in an urban area in Miami, the opportunities for Sheaun were rare. However, his cop mother and father managed to provide him a quality life in his childhood. He was sent to school for his education where his teacher addressed his acting skill while reading the part of Walter Lee in A Raisin in the Sun during his 7th grade. 

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Urged by his teacher, the sports lover Sheaun took a few drama classes but decided to become a chef after acknowledging he doesn’t have a future in the athlete. Despite his interest in cooking, he ended up at Miami-Dade College, but as soon as he had failed grades in a humanities subject, he took his step towards theatres. It was his humanities teacher and his mother, who approached him towards theatres. 

Sheaun’s height stands tall with 1.85m (6’1”) and has a hulk body appearance with black ethnicity.   

How Much Is Sheaun’s Net Worth?

Sheaun is listed under one of the acclaimed actors in Hollywood. Though he has limited acting credits, he has eminent records and experience of working with renowned actors and distinctive fields. He has his theatre company named Ground Up & Rising, has remained a member of a rap group 3 in Da Clip, the presidency of his campus theatre club, member of Urban Disturbance, several reputed awards and many more. 

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However, despite his numerous achievements and acclaimed reputation, his net worth has not been revealed by any media.

Note: the average salary of average actors in Hollywood which is $50,012 ranging from least $19k to highest $166k. Since Sheaun is one of the esteemed actors, his net worth could also be in the highest rank.