Slavica Ecclestone Wiki, Married, Divorce, Husband, Net Worth, Height

By Suvekchha Chapagain | Published On: 05 May, 2017
Slavica Ecclestone Wiki, Married, Divorce, Husband, Net Worth, Height

Normally we hear the husband providing financial assistance to the wife after their divorce. However, the story of Slavica Ecclestone and Bernie Ecclestone is among the rare ones where the wife has been providing a huge sum to the husband after their split. Slavica Ecclestone is a former model who has worked as an International fashion model and walked for some leading clients including the designer Armani in her early career.

Marriage with Bernie Ecclestone!

Slavica Ecclestone met husband, Bernie Ecclestone on the1982 Italian Grand Prix in Monza while working on a Formula One Promotional event for Armani. Despite their 28 year age difference and language barrier, Bernie won the heart of the gorgeous model in a short interval. Slavica spoke Serbo-Croatian and Italian meanwhile he was talking only English during the show. The couple doesn’t only have these differences but the height difference of nearly a foot. The model is 6 feet 2 inches while her husband is only 5 feet 2 inches tall.

The relationship between the couple groomed despite several differences in the following years after they got married. They have two daughters named Tamara who was born on 1984 and Petra on 1988. The couple has four grandchildren from the girls.  

The Divorce of Slavica and Her Husband!!

After enjoying a lovely relationship for many years, Slavica slammed a divorce case in November 2008. The appeal of Slavica was granted by the court, and they formally separated on 11 March 2009. The model made headlines in several tabloids including Sunday Times for’ Rich List in the "richest divorcees" category for taking $740 million from Bernie.

However, the news of Slavica paying her ex-husband £90 million a year since divorce has flared in the media these days. The information was surfaced after Bernie was accused of paying $27.5 million bribes to German Banker.

How Much is Slavica’s Worth?

Slavica Ecclestone reportedly enjoys an enormous net worth of $1.2 billion dollars. The model yielded the huge amount after her amicable divorce with Bernie in March 2009. The actress also owns a beautiful house which worth is in millions.

Slavica Ecclestone’s Short Bio:

According to some wiki sources, Slavica was born on 2 June 1958 in Rijeka, PR Croatia, FPR Yugoslavia. She is a daughter of Jovo Radic and Ljubica Malic who are from Maglajani and Rije? She was raised by her mother after the parents divorced when she was seven.